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ASCAP: http://www.ascap.com

Most of Charles Ruggiero's compositions are registered with ASCAP and are published by Ruggiero Publishing Company (a registered ASCAP publisher).

Dorn Publications, Inc.: http://www.dornpub.com

Publisher of Three Blues for Saxophone Quartet, Dances and Other Movements, and Interplay

RGM (Really Good Music, LLC): http://www.reallygoodmusic.com

Publisher of STRAYHORN

Subito Music Corp.: http://www.subitomusic.com/

Publisher of Collage-1912 and other works for the Verdehr Trio

AUR Recordings: http://arizonarecordings.com/

Blue Griffin Recording, Inc.: http://www.bluegriffin.com

Centaur Records: http://www.centaurrecords.com

Channel Crossings/Channel Classics: http://www.channelclassics.com

Crystal Records: http://www.crystalrecords.com

Klavier: http://www.klavier-records.com

Mark Recordings: http://www.markcustom.com

New World Records - CRI/Composers Recordings, Inc.: http://www.newworldrecords.org/index.shtml

Qslask.com.pl (Sony/BMG - Poland): http://slask.pasazhandlowy.pl/197731,Muzyka_Muzyka-klasyczna_Saxsophone-Music-Of-Colgrass-Dahl-And.html

White Pine Music: http://www.whitepinemusic.com

MSU College of Music: http://www.music.msu.edu

Lynn René Bayley's THE ART MUSIC LOUNGE Online Journal: https://artmusiclounge.wordpress.com/home/

On this site you will find Ms Bayley's essential book, From Baroque to Bop and Beyond

Capitol Quartet: http://www.capitolquartet.com

Jere Hutcheson, composer: http://jerehutcheson.com

Ricardo Lorenz, composer: http://www.ricardolorenz.com

Joseph Lulloff, performer: http://www.joelulloff.com

Danilo Mezzadri, performer: http://danilomezzadri.com

Orion Saxophone Quartet/Jeff Benedict: http://marooncreekmusic.com/marooncreek/orsaxquar1.html

Susan Ruggiero-Mezzadri, soprano: http://susanruggiero.com

Mark Sullivan, composer: http://www.msu.edu/~sullivan

Verdehr Trio: http://www.verdehr.com/

Maria Ruggiero, painter: http://mariaruggiero.com/

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