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From 1973 to 2017 Charles Ruggiero was a member of the College of Music faculty at Michigan State University, where he primarily taught composition and music theory. In the 1970s and '80s, Ruggiero founded and directed the first College of Music computer music studio and developed and taught the College's first computer-music courses. And during the first three decades of his tenure at Michigan State, Ruggiero contributed in various ways to the development of jazz studies at MSU and performed frequently as a member of faculty jazz groups.

Ruggiero has composed music for orchestra, wind ensembles, chamber groups, solo instruments, and voice. Since 1980 he has produced a number of substantial compositions for the saxophone (see "Compositions"). In many of his works, Ruggiero has fused elements from jazz and pre-twentieth-century Western "classical" music with materials, techniques, and formal concepts of twentieth-century European and North American art music.

Ruggiero's music has been performed in Asia, Europe, South America, and throughout North America. Performances of several of his compositions are available on compact disc recordings on the ADMLIVE!, AUR/Arizona University Recordings, Blue Griffin, Centaur, Channel Crossings/Channel Classics, Crystal Records, Mark Recordings, CRI/Composers Recordings, Inc., Klavier, Sony/BMG Polska (Poland), Sunrise Music, and White Pine Music labels (see "Links").

Ruggiero is a member of ASCAP. Some of his compositions are published by Dorn Publications, Inc. (MA), RGM (WI), and Subito Music Corp. (NJ), see "Links," but most are available directly from the composer.


To purchase printed copies of Charles Ruggiero's compositions that are available from Ruggiero Publishing Company, please click on "Readings" in the above menu, and then click on the link labeled "Musical Compositions and Arrangements by Charles Ruggiero." This catalog has all of the information needed to buy copies of Ruggiero's music from Ruggiero Publishing Company (mailing address, prices, shipping costs, etc.). For purchasing information on Ruggiero's works distributed by other companies, please go to the websites of those other publishers.

Email address: ruggier1@msu.edu

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